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Veritas Polska

Since 1994, Veritas Polska, Inc. has been proud to offer handmade Church Goods from Poland. It is their belief that the love and devotion of the Polish people to the Catholic Church is represented in our extensive collection of beautiful and traditional Monstrances, Chalices, Ciboria, and Reliquaries, available in Roman, Baroque, Gothic and Contemporary styles. They also offer leather bound Book of the Gospel and Breviary Covers, Bells and Gongs, Sprinklers, and the largest selection of hand cut, mouth blown and hand blown, Crystal Cruets, Flagons and Bowls, Decanters and Chrismatory Sets in the United States.

They are very proud of their elegant and well-priced European Chasubles, Copes, Resurrection sets featuring traditional designs embroidered on rich brocade fabrics such as damask and velvet. Designs include Semi-Gothic styles and Roman Fiddle backs. They have recently expanded their Sacramental linen collection to include colorful palls to match vestments worn by priests during special religious celebrations.

Eastern Oil Church Supplies proudly offers the following items from Veritas Polska:

  • Monstances
  • Communion Bowels and Patens
  • Chalices and Ciboriums
  • Oil Stocks, Holy Water Pots
  • Censors & Bells
  • Chalice Cases
  • Gospel, Missal and Breviary Covers
  • Glassware
  • Vestments (Priests, Deacons)
  • Altar Linens


To Order:

  • For questions about any item or to order please call us at (412) 221-2911. This website is just a sampling of the thousands of items we carry.

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