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RJ Toomey Line

R.J. Toomey is the oldest and best-known clerical apparel firm in the United States. The R.J. Toomey firm was founded in 1936 by Richard J. Toomey, and together with two of his brothers, Lawrence J. Toomey and John A. Toomey, incorporated the Company in 1946. In 1973, the brothers Richard and John sold their interest in the Company to Lawrence, who owned and operated the Company until his death in 1976.

Since 1976 the R.J. Toomey Company has been managed by the daughters of Lawrence Toomey and has solidified its position as the market leader in clergy shirts, tailored clergy apparel and altar server attire.

Eastern Oil Church supplies is proud to carry the complete line of RJ Toomey items including clergy shirts, cassocks, collars and buttons, cinctures, albs, clergy vests, altar server supplies and more.


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