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Replating Services

We are pleased to offer custom restoration services. Why pay for something new when you can have something old restored. Contact Eastern Oil Church supplies to begin your restoration project.  We specialize in gold, silver, brass and more.

We have restored and replated:

  • Monstances
  • Tabernacles
  • Chalices
  • Patens
  • Ciboriums
  • Altar Bells
  • Processional Crosses
  • Processional lanterns and candles
  • Thuribles (Censors and boats)
  • Book stands
  • Holy Water fonts (aspergillum)

To Order:

  • For questions about any item or to order please call us at (412) 221-2911. This website is just a sampling of the thousands of items we carry.

Related products:

  • Please see the side panels for more products by category
  • Please call or email us for specifics regarding any product as we do have have all our offerings on the website (we also ship throughout the United States of America).

Eastern Oil Church Supplies