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Carnegie Iron Werks

Carnegie Iron Werks (German for “plant” or “factory”) is a family owned business located in Carnegie, PA (minutes away from downtown Pittsburgh). Our mission is to create beautiful, unique and high quality art with steel as our canvas. We have executed small and large projects for churches, homes and businesses. Our staff consists of experienced and certified welders, engineers and also liturgists which allows us to cover all aspects of a design project. Much of our work are custom designs which means we will work with you to create a piece that matches your space and that respects your budget. Whatever you are envisioning odds are we can do it and do it well.

We are a proud provider of Carnegie Iron Werks custom products. Please contact Eastern Oil today to discuss your project with one of our sales team members. Carnegie Iron offers the following products:

    • Candlesticks
    • Candelabra
    • Processional Crosses and Candles
    • Lecterns
    • Advent Candle Stands
    • Byzantine / Orthodox items
    • Icon Stands
    • Sanctuary Lamps
    • Credence Tables
    • Kneelers
    • Votive Stands
    • Iconostasis Gating
    • Thurible Stands
    • Fencing (Limited availability and we do not provide installation services)
    • Flag Stands
    • Window Coverings (we do not provide installation services)
    • Flower Stands
    • Custom Designs
    • Church Signage

To Order:

  • For questions about any item or to order please call us at (412) 221-2911. This website is just a sampling of the thousands of items we carry.

Related products:

  • Please see the side panels for more products by category
  • Please call or email us for specifics regarding any product as we do have have all our offerings on the website (we also ship throughout the United States of America).

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